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Version: Ex 702
Exp: 7x
Drop: 5%
In Game 14
Version: Ex 702
Exp: 750x
Drop: 50%
In Game 0
Version: Ex 702
Exp: 9999x
Drop: 50%
In Game 0
Total Online: 14

    No Items Found.

x7 x750 x9999

Webshop Disabled
18 / 11 / 2014
We have decided to disable webshop on this server. So from now one there is no webshop.
Update 8th November 2014
14 / 11 / 2014
These are the Recent Fixed and adjustment our server had made
  • Fixed Rage Fighter 2 handed Attack
  • Fixed Lighting Shock Skill missing part of targets
  • Fixed Blood Castle gates not opening occasionally
  • Fixed Blood Castle Archangel weapon not dropping occasionally
  • Fixed Exc Drop option issue
  •  Improved general stability and performance of GameServer applications
  • Fixed absorption option not working for Cape of Lord
  • Master Skill tree, some option are not working. Not FIXED!
  • Fixed Bronze Set Color- Now golden instead off Non-Gold
  • Game Client Now will have Message to Confirm exit on Game-Client
Server Maintenance
08 / 11 / 2014
Today at 17:00 GMT +2 we will take a server down for maintenance. Server maintenance will take about 1 hour and at 18:00 server will be online with some bug fixes.
Game Update
05 / 11 / 2014
We are happy to announce the Game Updates as of 5th November 2014
  • Cash Shop Update
  • Increase Defense of Level 2.5 Wings
  • Lucky Coin Exchange
  • Fixed Drops of Bag Events
Do continue to Vote for our Server and have a Pleasant Stay!
Grand Opening of Hades Mu
21 / 10 / 2014

Project www.hadesmu.com

x7 Server will be opened 1. November 2014 - 18.00 (GMT+2)

Server is based on premium server files with latest Ex:702 (Season 7 Episode 2) features, with regular bug fix, and updates with new things.



There will be multiple game servers with different rates, drops, and strategies how to play, to be top strongest players on server. Each server will have unique drops, and unique exciting game play which you wont see on any other server.

We have worked with mu servers for years, we know what people like and will create best , most exciting game play.

This is not one day, week, month, or year project, we are here to stay and bring newest things in mu wold.


New unique coded website will offer you, web market (sell your items to other players) grand reset system, vote rewards (vote and earn Wcoins) and much more.

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